Cover wide open space


  1. Minik´s Song 5:11
  2. Ode to the Avocado Pickers 4:35
  3. Lille og ny 3:00
  4. Bicycle 3:19
  5. Horo Romaniza 4:02
  6. Jeg husker dengang 3:53
  7. My Grandfather´s Farm 2:12
  8. Merry Dream 3:04
  9. Light the Dark Road Home 4:06
  10. Skibene sejler 4:00
  11. The Travelling Child 2:05
Six Mile Bridge is:
Klaus Harder (Guitar, Greek Bouzouki, Banjo, Shruti Box, Vocals)
Michael Graefe (Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Lapsteel Dobro)
Stefan Lillelund (Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals)
Karin Grunwald (Accordion, Piano, Vocals)
Malachy Costello (Guitar, Vocals)
Barry Farrell (Saxophone, Guitar, Vocals)

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Six Mile Bridge

Guest Musicians:
Niall McIlroy (Low whistle on Minik`s Song)
Hiltrud Lemke (Choir on Minik`s Song)
Olaf Plotz (Frame Drum on Horo Romaniza)
Jessie Whitehead (Fiddle on My Grandfather`s Farm)
Recorded at:
SMB-Studio, Süderlügum, Nordfriesland, Germany
RelaxRecords Studio Elmshorn, Germany
Blue Room Recording Studio, Grange, Co. Sligo, Ireland
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Michael Graefe