Cover End Of Our Lies


  1. Along The Waterline (3:31)
  2. End Of Our Lies (5:06)
  3. Dusty Promises (2:43)
  4. Blue To Grey (5:50)
  5. Wake Up For Love (3:15)
  6. Innocent Love (2:40)
  7. Clouds Of Sorrow (3:22)
  8. The Longing (3:22)
  9. Claudine (3:31)
  10. Winter Flower (3:45)
  11. Sister Of My Soul (3:36)
  12. Dark And Windy Crossroads (4:45)
  13. Queen Of My Heart (3:31)
  14. Endless (3:39)
MOHANDERS stands for ambitious, melodic music of sincere emotions without drifting into depressing sorrowfulness. Relaxed pieces performed in a laid-back way with delicate interplay resulting in conclusive songs - little wonder all 14 tracks were 3 years in the making. The mature guitar work of MICHAEL GRAEFE and SVEN BÄZNER - with his mysteriously whispering singing voice - sets a mood to be sensually immersed in. Guest vocalist MARTINA VOGT emphasises a course that melodiously fits the romantic soundscapes

Sven Bäzner: Vocals, Harp, 6- and 12-String Acoustic Guitar
Michael Graefe: Acoustic Guitars, electric Guitar, Mandolin, Bass and Harp
Tine: Vocals on Track 7,8, 9,10 and 13
Klaas Herzog: Drums on Track 3,5 and 9
Malte Surén: Bongos on Track 1
Matthias Uhing: Cymbals and Washboard on Track 12
Frithjof Stein: Violin on Track 4
Mixed and Mastered by Joszi Sorokowski
Inklusive 16seitiges Booklet mit allen Songtexten. Preis:15 Euro inkl. 19% Mehrwertst.